Do´s and Dont´s of Voyeurs

by Editor on July 18th, 2021

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Plenty of people get off on being voyeurs, being watched, being under the eye of a camera … and similarly even more people get off on watching. But remember not everyone enjoys it – remember the Do´s and Dont´s of Voyeurs

Dont EVER:

  • Record Anyone Who Has Not Agreed. Playing at doing it is fine, but it is never ok to film anyone without their explicit consent
  • Never put the camera in a public place where someone not explicitly agreeing might involuntarily get filmed
  • Never publish or spread any content that is not yours or that you do not have consent from all parties to spread

Top 5 Voyeur Sites of 2021

  1. Voyeur Sex Films
  2. Private Voyeurs
  3. Voyeurs and Upskirts
  4. Voyeur Photo Galleries
  5. Amateur Exhibitionist

More On The Context of Voyeurism

There’s presently someplace north of 7 100 50 million mobile phones around with some kind of video capture capability. Additionally, there are millions of ever cheaper videocams and ever-smaller. Lastly, about 2 thirds of American households come with an internet computer in the home.

Most of that info is simply a group of latent facts about gadgets, unless you toss the internet social media trend into the mix. Every computer day brings countless guests to YouTube, Flickr, FaceBook, MySpace, Friendster – and way too many others to name. Many of these sites allow the enrollees of theirs in order to post videos and photos to the own pages of theirs on the website and to email pictures or videos they like to the friends of theirs.

All those cell phones and also videocams are set to work capturing impulsive and also sometimes embarrassing moments of people, unbeknownst to the filmee – and also several of the video documents have discovered the way of theirs on the web. Probably the most known of them – an inept amateur sportscast, a clumsy dance imitation, an iPod singalong at the beach – have grown to be cultural flares, drawing countless visitors as the clip is transferred from site to site.

The end result was global embarrassment for several unfortunate souls; it’s additionally resulted in an overall consciousness that the contained nature of nearly all faux pas may not be found at many, but might be fodder for an international guffaw. Out of this particular mix has come an essential issue of how you can define privacy in this realm of connectivity – or even more appropriately, just how to keep it.

For many people, these incidents have put them in an unpleasant social situation, recognized for the internet video fame of theirs and mocked because of it. A few have sued the posters of the 3d videos, but that hasn’t changed the private and irrevocable negative impact. Several of these videos are viewed countless times – and a number of, a huge selection of millions. Those solitary embarrassing moments have grown to be defining images for those people that happen to be targets of these postings which have taken off.

To take pleasure in the discomfort of others has frequently been relegated to high school behavior, however the volatile viral dynamics of these videos implies the appeal is a lot more prevalent. There’s a whole website now focused on embarrassing moments that were uploaded: Mr. Baum has dedicated the website of his for this stuff and also racked up 10 million in advertising revenue previous year.

The legal views on uploading video clips without the subject’s authorization are varied and many. A normal point of view is the fact that if the event took place in public, there’s a level of carte blanche permitted the poster of the video because the public exposure was the subject’s choice. When the recording was created by the subject him/herself, subsequently that individual has a copyright on the video clip and also might be ready to put in a little control over the distribution of its. Of course, if intrusion of privacy is required, like a “voyeurcam” posted outside someone’s bedroom window, subsequently the legitimate point of view is there’s a legitimate privacy safety issue.

There’s a formidable, legally defined right to defend the usage of one’s image for business reasons – endorsing products or even being applied to the generation of commercials. In the situation of these viral videos however, there’s no business involvement by the person or maybe the poster, together with the sites that host these web pages are merely intermediaries. The primary recourse in these instances, as in the situation of mainstream journalists, is contrary to the inventor of the picture without a basic platform including YouTube or MySpace.

Best Voyeur Watchers and Upskirt Sites

Public Sex in Japan

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The Japanese are known for being strict, shy and restricted. They often appear emotionless, a bit withdrawn, maybe even secluded. However, behind the curtain of their polished outer shells we find a tidal wave of sexual appetites. Take an adventure with Japanese Public Sex to see how daring babes and their lovers perform nude sexual acts out in the open – and enjoy it.

Japan is a beautiful country. Everything seems fragile and aesthetically perfect. Including the women. Sitting in a street side cafe in Kyoto or Tokyo watching the people passing by will leave you astounded by amount of good looking girls that crowd the heart of Asia. Simultaniously though the babes of Japan at first sight appear shy and withdrawn, one might even suspect they get a chastity belt for their 18th birthday and all wear it with pride.

Wrong again!

Underneath the surface the Japanese women are kinky wildcats. Feral and ferocious. Explorative and daring. The love to perform Japanese Public Sex with a passion. And of course you get to watch. Babes fucking in public parks, shore side walkways inhabited by Asian blowjob girls busy at work sucking cock and licking balls, hardcore sex at discotheques and bouncing cars leaving no doubt there´s a cock pounding hard in there.

You can watch it all in perfect quality Asian exhibitionist sex films featuring Japanese beauties hard at work flashing tits, giving blowjobs outdoors in Japan and delivering the special oriental dish of public sex in Japan. The movies range from selfshot amateur sex videos filmed outdoors by exhibitionist enthusiasts to professional productions taking two public porn lovers out into the open to record their encounters with a full crew looking on. Both are simply pure delight to behold. Europeans do public porn too but you will not find anyone as blatant and daring as the Japanese exhibitionist girls anywhere in the big wide world.

Girlfriend Voyeur Films

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This’s undoubtedly among probably the wildest scenes that I have observed from Voyeur Photo Galleries yet. Look at these video clips from this particular bisexual threesome. These 3 think they are from sight from everybody else on the nude beach, but the things they do not experience in the photographer above them, observing exactly what they do. We get to find out a few wild bisexual activity like the guy this couple just met, providing a handjob and eventually a blowjob on the bicurious boyfriend. Next, we see her driving her boyfriend’s cock. it is hardcore and It is absolutely real.

Find out not only brief video samples at the Voyeur Films website. Generally there you are able to obtain the whole length video and appreciate the activity. Generally there you are able to discover amateur teens tanning totally naked on nudist beaches. See youthful lovers fooling lived through the water in which they believe nobody is able to see. Not to mention notice hardcore action just like you have never ever seen before. You will not believe what these individuals do in the beach whenever they believe nobody is viewing.

Simply click here to go to Voyeur Photo Galleries.

Girlfriend Voyeur Films

It appears like this particular cutie got a buddy to shoot several photographs of herself as she walks around the little apartment of her. I question just how long it had been just before she plucked up enough courage to flash her shaved pussy for the good friend of her to photograph. Looks like it was well worth the wait doesnt it?

The idea is easy but extremely exciting. Each week a female is selected who wants to create unpleasant pictures! She’s given her a camera and let her take all of the photographs she wants. Certain females bring self pics of themselves or even with boyfriend girlfriend. Some folks do crazy and awful little self videos. You can check out girls like April Olsen, Riley Grey and Ada Vera in more sexy voyeur shoots!

Voyeur Fashion Babes

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Voyeur Fashion Babes is an online tribute to pinup glamour past and present. Featuring the largest online tribute to the classic beauties of yester year as well as modern beauties filmed in retro fashion. Voyeur Fashion Babes features a large collection of busty beauties from the 1940’s to the present gives plenty of content to enjoy for the love of pinup style beauties.

Voyeur Fashion Babes is the premier vintage retro porn site on the web today. Split into two sections. Section one features modern day big breasted beauties like Bianca Beauchamp, Danielle Riley and Miriam Gonzalez and many more all revealing their voluptuous bossoms shot in classic pinup styles. Section two is a tribute to the classic pinup babes of days gone by like Virginia Bell, Joyce Gibson, Paula Page and hundreds more of the mens magazine beauties from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Glamour Pinup Babes Voyeur

Cheescake Glamour Pinup Babes with Private Voyeur Fashion Babes brings an absolutely awesome selection of images and videos off all the finest pinups of the last fifty years. With plenty of retro images from the old time mens magazines as well as a nice library of stag film nudie shorts many in black and white but also a good grouping of color film and photos.

The quality of some of the older content is a bit fuzzy ut that is to be expected when dealing with real porn from back in the day. All off the modern pinup content is of exceptional quality and really keeps the feel of pinup glamour just like they had way back when.

Each Voyeur Fashion Babes model also has an indepth biography so there is plenty of info to enjoy regarding all of the models past and present. The images are all nice zised big pics so you can really get the classic mens magazine feel, and the video shoots are all available in high and low quality format to match your internet connection speed

Voyeur Fashion Babes offers plenty of updates upto 3 new models scenes are added each week, so with the already large collection and the updates there is plenty to enjoy for the pinup girl lover. Voyeur Fashion Babes is one of those sites where you just know they take pride in their product and truly enjoy pinup glamour themselves. With classic pinup content being rather rare Voyeur Fashion Babes works hard to bring you all the best naturally big boobed babes from the 20th century.

She Contributed Her Voyeur Shot

by Editor on March 13th, 2021

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Voyeurs Heaven presents us with another outstanding voyeur video clip of an upskirt, as you are going to see he’s a master and find out the female with a huge ass with this micro dress and this small small thong. For individuals who really like females in miniskirts with thong bottoms, enjoy it and leave the comments of yours and in case you’ve voyeur video clips or maybe pictures that you would like to share send them to us

Our voyeur loving babe return shipping with 2 voyeur movies of 2 huge ass females: “How about friends of voyeurs heaven, an additional couple of videos, the very first one of a really great lady in a retailer as well as the other group in the visual pictures as well as movies of the supervisor of the school, along with other pictures more received in the shops, greetings and continue commenting on the friend of yours, we are going to continue collaborating to be genuine contributors

“Very great of extremely luxury dressing rooms. I’ve a lot of these okay though they’ve to comment a lot more okay race value this particular kind of material k isn’t simple at all. Great clip in which the female features a great ass, we hope you send us much more voyeur in the dressing room and particularly you did it by hand, it hurts she cut herself in action


Great Voyeur View – P2

by Editor on November 1st, 2020

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Hubby reached down my back and pulled at my dress to expose my butt to his friend. He pulled it up over my backside to my lower back and started to caress my butt in soft, slow circles with his fingers. After a few minutes he reached below my body, slid his hand into my panties, over my wet lips and soon started to finger my clitoris. He was having trouble with the panties’ material getting in the way so he slipped them off me with one hand while his other hand held my hair and shoved my face onto his manhood. I decided that there was no reason to keep the dress on, so without taking my mouth off him I slipped the shoulder straps down my body and the dress came completely off.

In the meantime, hubby had slipped a finger into my wetness and was gingerly fingering me into oblivion. He pulled my legs open wider for better access, and for better viewing, I’m sure, and got into ’69 position. His hands were pulling my cheeks apart for his tongue’s probing and he was licking gently at my wetness and clitoris.

After a few minutes he said he wanted to make love to me badly, but he wanted to do it in a new position that we’d never tried before. He sat up and he sat me on his shaft, facing away from him. I thought this was a bit strange at the time, but it was so that Chris could see all my body better, bouncing breasts, “fuck me now!!” face and all, even if it was from the side. He had both my butt cheeks in his hands and was pumping away like a man possessed. I came within a few minutes, but he lasted a little longer.

He eventually said he was close and asked if I’d go down on him until he came. He sat me up on the sofa and got on the sofa on his knees facing me. He started to come and he grabbed his manhood around the base of his shaft with his right hand and held me by the hair so I’d have nowhere to run. He shot his load on my breasts and body and some even got on my face.

I never noticed Chris that night, and didn’t know that he had watched us until a few weeks ago when hubby told me about it while drunk and in a game of “Truth or Dare”, which by the way is my favorite party game. That game has gotten me in more “good” trouble than anything else ever has

Great Voyeur View – P1

by Editor on October 20th, 2020

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My husband told me about this incident while he was more than a little drunk and didn’t consider the consequences very well. Not that the consequences would have been very grave; all things considered I got very turned on by his revelation to me and I now use it, not without some dirtier additions, in my own “private time”, mostly in the bathtub. For this purpose though I’ll tell you the story as my husband told it to me without embellishing it with my own additions. Here goes…

We had a break in our daily monotony a few months ago with the visit from my husband’s best friend from Virginia. On his visit to California he said that he would stay in a hotel, but we insisted that he stay with us since we have a well-furnished guest room we keep for just such occasions. He agreed and so he settled in.

The first day went by without anything to write home about, as did the second day. The third day however was Saturday, and Saturday is usually PARTY DAY! We decided to go out on the town, which we did by bar hopping until about 1:00 AM. We ended up taking a Taxi home because none of us could drive without being arrested. As soon as we got in the house, Chris (my husband’s friend’s name) excused himself saying he was so beat he just wanted to crash. We called him a party pooper but he just waved us off and went to his room. Hubby and I decided to watch some TV and sat on the sofa for a while.

Alcohol, I’m sure you all agree, makes people horny as hell, and after noticing all the ogling I had received from other guys the whole night, I was horny as hell. I had worn a red dress, about six inches above the knee in length, with a pair of black panties underneath. My breasts are average sized (not big, not small) so I don’t have to wear a bra, which I didn’t.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, I was as horny as any hot-blooded horny woman would have been after observing several men with women hanging on them, give me the once over. I decided to satisfy my horniness right then and there. I reached over and started fondling my husband’s penis through his pants. He smiled and lay back giving me better access. I unbelted his pants and pulled them off him then pulled his shorts off as well. I had gotten on all fours on the sofa on his right side, and he took advantage of this by caressing my breasts as they were in easy reach of his hands. Our living room is set up with the sofa facing the TV, the kitchen is behind a wall, to the left and behind the living room while the bedroom and guest room is to the right of the living room down a short hallway. When I got on all fours on the sofa I in-avertedly gave a view up my dress to “anyone” in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. At the time I didn’t even consider that Chris was still awake, at least not if he really was in the drunken state he acted in when we came home.

In the meantime I had gotten very busy going south on my husband, like a good girl. I was moaning lightly for effect, and he was groaning every time I licked the length of his manhood. My husband’s head was turned to the right and his eyes were only half-closed which is why he happened to notice some movement at the end of the hall. Chris had either heard all the groaning and moaning, or had decided to go to the bathroom at a most beneficial time for him. Whatever the reason, he was up and peeking around the corner from his room at us about seven feet away. I was completely oblivious about the fact that my upturned ass was facing in his direction but hubby was well aware of it. He decided to let Chris have a show, so he didn’t let on that he had noticed anything.

Lunchtime Voyeur Orgies – 4

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Mmmmm, the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth. She loved it. He was so stiff and thick. She began working her tongue over his shaft, even as she pulled off her own blouse and wriggled out of her skirt. Her moisture was soaking through her panties, and she pulled them down as well, her shaved pussy glistening in the low light. Woody sat up and undid her bra, pulling it off while he caressed her breasts. Her nipples got hard instantly, and she ached for his touch, but she pushed against his chest and shoved him back onto the bed. She wanted to suck this cock. It turned her on so much to have a bulging, throbbing man in the small, wet cavern of her mouth. His hips were pushing up toward her lips, and she worked his cock deeper into her throat, slowly, waiting for the gag reflex to relax. Up and down the shaft she went, with each thrust moving deeper. Even when not built up by all the flirting and ogling of the day, Naomi was a woman who could easily orgasm, and she could feel one building already, just from sucking the young man’s cock. The deeper she took it in her throat, the more turned on she became. Woody was moaning, his cock growing even harder. She could tell he was getting close, and that just turned her on more.

“Ohh, I just knew you would be so good, Naomi,” cooed a female voice behind her.

What the hell? It sounded so familiar. Naomi quickly pulled him out of her mouth, and spun around towards the voice.

“Oh baby, please don’t stop. Can’t you see he needs it?” It was Jolene from the restaurant; standing in the doorway. She was gorgeous in her blue designer dress and sunglasses. She had reached one hand under her dress, pulling the hem up to her waist in front. She was glamorous even when she was acting like a base, sexual animal. Naomi could see her black garter straps, and noticed that the pretty blonde wasn’t wearing any panties. She had been rubbing her pussy. She moved to Naomi and used her free hand to push the waitress’s head back down. Woody’s cock was at her lips, so she instinctively opened them to take him back in.

“Suck that big cock, Naomi,” Jolene encouraged, “I want to see you take it all in.”

So many thoughts were going through her head, so many sensations coursing through her veins. Naomi was unbelievably turned on, but everything was so strange. She was intoxicated not only by the attractiveness of the two, but also by the nature of this unusual encounter. Suddenly she felt a hard slap on her ass.

“Suck it deep, I said!” Jolene demanded.

Another slap on her ass cheek from Jolene’s soft hand. This discipline turned Naomi on even more. She took Woody’s cock all the way down her throat. She squeezed his balls. She could feel her own orgasm approaching again, even more rapidly. But suddenly, as if he too sensed it, Woody pulled away from her. He crawled up into a kneeling position on the bed, looking at Jolene.

“Help me with this, honey,” said Jolene. The blonde turned around, and pointed at the zipper on her dress. Naomi scooted toward her and helped the other woman out of the tailored garment. She then smoothly unsnapped Jolene’s bra as the two turned to face each other. Naomi’s eyes dropped to the other woman’s beautiful globes. They were natural, with small pink nipples that were very hard. The waitress’s hands reached out and caressed them. They felt so good, even better than her own. Jolene moaned at her touch. Naomi squeezed, and her thumbs brushed over the hard nipples. Jolene moved closer and kissed Naomi. Their breasts came together as they pulled each other even closer, Naomi sucking the younger woman’s tongue gently at first, then harder.

Jolene gently moved Naomi back to the bed, and sat her on the edge. She leaned down, kissing her lips hard, her hands running up and down the older woman’s body. Woody knelt behind Naomi, and he reached around to rub the waitress’s tits roughly, pulling at her hard nipples between his fingers. She could feel his hard cock at her back as his arms encircled her. The hardness of Woody’s cock, the softness of Jolene’s mouth The two sensations at the same time were incredibly exciting. Naomi felt as if she was leaving a puddle on the bed, she was so turned on.

Jolene’s hands ran down Naomi’s thighs, as she kissed her neck and shoulders. The blonde moved lower, sucking on the other woman’s breasts, her lips and tongue on Naomi’s hard nipples a gentle salve after Woody’s pinches. God, it felt so good. Jolene knew how to take care of a woman. She continued moving down Naomi’s body, prying the willing waitress’s legs apart and kissing down her belly.

“Mmmm, Naomi, I love a smooth pussy,” moaned Jolene. The young business woman began to circle her older lover’s pussy lips with kisses, her adroit tongue darting in and out. “And soooo wet! You taste incredible.”

Naomi was in heaven. A beautiful blonde was licking her pussy while a handsome young man pressed his own intentions. She lay down and threw her head back as enjoyed Jolene’s tongue pressing into her hard clit. Woody slapped his cock on her tits, and then he brought it back up to her mouth. She hungrily licked and sucked him, pushing her pussy into Jolene’s face at the same time. This time there was no stopping her orgasm. She sucked Woody deeper, and could feel him growing even harder. It was too much, and she squeezed her thighs around Jolene’s head as her body throbbed and convulsed. Woody’s cock shot a big load of cum into her mouth at the same time, and she swallowed as much as she could, while still trying to catch her breath from her own orgasm.

Jolene was smiling, her wet face between Naomi’s legs. She moved up the waitress’s body as she pushed Naomi back on the bed. Jolene’s body was now on top of Naomi. They kissed deeply Jolene tasting Woody’s cum from Naomi’s mouth, and Naomi tasting her own wetness on Jolene’s lips and tongue. She has already turned on again. This was going to be an eventful evening.

Voyeur Holiday in Paris – P4

by Editor on October 1st, 2020

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“Oh. it’s so biggg, oh, I can feel my pussy stretching wide open, Oh Godddd, uhhh… ummmnnn, oh shittt…”

Kek was now fucking her furiously, you could hear a clapping sound as his balls hit her ass, he was pumping hard and fast, they were both moaning in lust.

Clutching the blond hair, Isis lifted her head from the table and said, “Look in Burt’s eyes and tell him how much you like my husband’s big cock up your snatch. I want you to look at Burt when you cum! Let him see what a little fuck-slut you really are!”

Kek was grunting and Maria was groaning, the young wife tried not to show the pleasure she was feeling but her body was betraying her. Maria felt her orgasm mount and could no longer control herself, her whole body was tingling, goosebumps appeared all over her arms, she was fucking back at the pleasure pole in her hungry cunt!

“Look in his eyes, tell your husband how much you like the big cock!”

“Oh, oh yessss, it feels soooo goodd, his big fat cock is making meee cummmm.. oh, oh god, fuck me, fuck meeee, yessss!!!” Isis pushed the young wife to the floor and commanded, “Get on your knees and lick him clean, Burt get over here and cum in her mouth, not in your hand!!”

She licked the big cock clean and then took her husband’s cock in her mouth and sucked with fervor, it did not take long before he was shooting his load in her hot little mouth.

“Swallow it all, swallow every single drop of his hot cum, then I will allow you to eat my cunt, I’m so fucking hot!”

The demanding beauty straddled her face and pushed that pretty face in-to her cunt, the young wife licked and sucked until they were both spent and her face was glistening with pussy juice.

“What a good little pussy licker you are, just think, in two days you have become a total fuck slut.” Maria felt so humiliated, so degraded. She looked up at her husband and said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, I love you so much.”

“I love you Maria, more than I can say.”

“Good, you love each other, Kek and I are in love as well, We are all just very good fucking friends,

The young couple were washing up and changing and Maria said “You know, she’s right, I am a fuck-slut! How can you ever feel the same way about me after my slutty actions?”

“Things are not the same, they are better, you have experienced a sexual awakening, hell, we both have. Don’t feel bad about it, go with it, enjoy yourself. As long as we do everything together and you don’t cheat on me and deceive me, look at it as a wild adventure.”

“You liked watching me fuck him and licking her pussy? I felt so guilty looking in your eyes while I was cumming on his big fat cock! It felt so good, I just couldn’t help it.”

“Yes I did, as long as you still love me, don’t confuse love and sex.”

“As much as I loved the feelings his big cock gave me, I don’t have any feelings for him at-all. I just love only you.”

“Good, She is a sexy woman and fucking her was great but I love you not her. Let’s enjoy our vacation and have no regrets; when we grow old and grey, we won’t have to worry about the things that we didn’t do.” They hugged and kissed passionately.

The young couple joined Isis and Kek on the balcony and marveled again at the view of the city. “New York looks so beautiful from up here!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yes it does, it’s a nice day to go shopping, come with me Maria and I will buy you some sexy clothes for tonight.”

“I have clothes with me.”

“I know but a girl can always use more, there is no such thing as having enough, that goes for clothes as well as sex; it will be fun, shopping is one of my favorite pastimes.”

“Ok, but what about the boys, what will they do?”

“I am going to take Burt to the race track, my horse is running in the 7th race at the big”A” today.”

“Sounds great, a day at the races, the sport of kings.” Burt said.

The new clothes were placed in the car trunk and the girls entered a tavern to have lunch. As they sipped their drinks, Maria wondered. “How come you never eat me, why am I always the one to go down on you?” Maria was embarrassed to notice that the buxom redhead young waitress had returned to the table with another round and had overheard her question. The lovely young thing placed the drinks on the table and told them that they were compliments of the house, pointing to the sexy barmaid and smiling at them.

Isis answered the question, telling the redhead to remain and listen, “I don’t eat pussy, you do, and you lick my cunt so good, I know that you love it. Here is a fact for you; I can get any man or woman that I want, to eat my delicious pussy, to do what ever I want them to do. Everyone desire’s me and you know it.”

Looking the waitress straight in the eye she asked, “Wouldn’t you like to put your sexy lips on my luscious cunt?”

“I…I guess so, you are very sexy and I must admit that I feel a very strong attraction to you. I get an hour break in ten minutes and there’s a storeroom we could go to.”

The 21yr.old girl led them behind the bar and thru a door to the storeroom, the barmaid also joined them saying that she was on break also and wanted to join the fun.

The store room was full of bar and restaurant supplies, with boxes piled high; the 27yr.old barmaid brushed back her long brown hair and stated to Isis, “There is something about you that draws me to you. I just can’t resist you.” as she got to her knees and kissed up the exotic beauty’s leg, Isis took off her skirt and Instructed the woman to eat her cunt.

Observing the name tag on the waitress, Isis commanded, “Maria, while Maggie is waiting to service me, lick her cunt, show her what you can do.”

Maggie disrobed and leaned back against the boxes next to Isis and spread her legs invitingly, Maria was soon lapping the succulent sparsely red haired pussy. The aroused red head put her hand on Isis’s breast and pleaded, “Can I suck your tits while Kim eats your cunt?”

“Yes baby, do it, suck my big tits!” Maggie vigorously sucked both nipples, pressing the huge globes together and sucking both nipples at the same time. Maria reached up and massaged Maggie’s firm tits as she licked her sopping pussy.

“Oh yeah, eat me, suck that pussy!” Maggie cried out as she reached orgasm.

Gym Encounters

by Editor on September 20th, 2020

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I racked my brain for a reason not to go exercise at the gym but couldn’t think of a good one so packed my bag and drove the short distance to the gym. I’d heard they had a new manager who was really hot with the most amazing eyes so I thought I’d check him out!

It was surprisingly quiet, I paid the receptionist and was just about to go and get changed when I saw him. Hell those eyes were amazing! He looked at me direct in the eye and we held each others gaze for what seemed eternity. It was obvious to both of us that there was an immediate electrical attraction that we just couldn’t ignore.

His eyes held my gaze and I struggled with the urge to fall at his knees, unleash his cock and taste him there and then. I could sense him undressing me with his mind and my imagination began to wander.

I walked towards him, and pushed him up against the wall, falling to my knees I quickly discarded the shorts he was wearing, leaving him naked and erect. I heard the gasps from the receptionist as she saw what was happening, I didn’t stop. Holding his cock in one hand I started to run my tongue up its entire length like a lollipop, searching for the sensitive parts with my tongue, his reaction told me when I had found them. I massaged his balls with my tongue, letting them fall one by one into my mouth, he tried to push my head forward, but I wouldn’t let him. One hand encasing his cock now, as my tongue continued to travel all over, this time when I got to the top I tilted my head and take him in my mouth, just the tip of his cock and held it between my lips as my tongue circled over, moving my head in a circular motion he moaned and grabbed my hair urging me deeper.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the receptionist watching, she had been joined by the janitor who was obviously having trouble containing himself. Still I sucked and licked his cock. Leaning forward still I took him deeper in my mouth, I could feel his cock twitch and pulsate, his thighs trembling. Moving my head up and down his cock, squeezing, licking and sucking, I could taste the pre cum on my tongue!

I could feel his balls tighten as he prepared to cum. Wanking him with one hand as my tongue flicked over him, his cock growing in my mouth, I could feel the cum rising and moved my head ever so slightly to one side to prepare myself. Suddenly his cock jumps uncontrollably in my mouth and deep long hot spurts of cum gush in my mouth, so much! and tasted so good, his thighs trembled and shook as he cum over and over again. I began to swallow straight away but still some cum oozed from my mouth and ran down my chin. Catching it with my fingers I drank all his cum leaving him clean and hard again!

He turned me around so I was now leaning up against the wall. Quickly and expertly he removed my shorts and t shirt, I stood before him naked, wet and barely able to contain my excitement!

Kneeling before me i raised one leg and draped it over his shoulder, my pussy is right in his face, wet and glistening invitingly. He ran his tongue over my it, barely parting my lips, I moaned and ran my hand through his hair. He began to press firmer with his tongue parting my lips now flicking over my clit taking it between his lips and pulling gently, delving his tongue in and out of my pussy. I thought I may faint as he licked and sucked me. I begin to climb to climax, pulling his face into my pussy arching my hips forward. I cum long and hard and he lapped at my juices as I writhed under his touch.

I lead him to his office, thinking that maybe we should continue in more privacy. We were still wet and naked, he was hard again and I was aching to feel his cock in my pussy. Leaning backwards against the desk I raised my legs for him and he stood between them, his cock pressing against my clit and moving around before entering me. When he did he entered very slowly, it felt so good and I resisted the urge to thrust my hips forward. When his cock was deep in my pussy he began to pump me, slowly at first in and out in and out, I began to lose control as his cock banged against my g spot sending ripples of pleasure soaring through me.

My legs circled his waist, he leant forward and took my nipple between his teeth and began to pump harder and faster. I found a steady rhythm and began to move with him, my pussy was contracting hard around his cock but he was in total control. I began to cum and urged him to cum with me. Deep electrifying shocks ran through me, I began to cum, my head swimming I grabbed at his buttocks daring him to stop, he started cumming too, he thrust himself deep into my pussy and with trembling thighs he cum with me, deep long hot spurts of cum lashing inside my pussy mixing with my cum.

Best work out I ever had!!