Great Voyeur View – P2

by Editor on November 1st, 2020

filed under Voyeur

Hubby reached down my back and pulled at my dress to expose my butt to his friend. He pulled it up over my backside to my lower back and started to caress my butt in soft, slow circles with his fingers. After a few minutes he reached below my body, slid his hand into my panties, over my wet lips and soon started to finger my clitoris. He was having trouble with the panties’ material getting in the way so he slipped them off me with one hand while his other hand held my hair and shoved my face onto his manhood. I decided that there was no reason to keep the dress on, so without taking my mouth off him I slipped the shoulder straps down my body and the dress came completely off.

In the meantime, hubby had slipped a finger into my wetness and was gingerly fingering me into oblivion. He pulled my legs open wider for better access, and for better viewing, I’m sure, and got into ’69 position. His hands were pulling my cheeks apart for his tongue’s probing and he was licking gently at my wetness and clitoris.

After a few minutes he said he wanted to make love to me badly, but he wanted to do it in a new position that we’d never tried before. He sat up and he sat me on his shaft, facing away from him. I thought this was a bit strange at the time, but it was so that Chris could see all my body better, bouncing breasts, “fuck me now!!” face and all, even if it was from the side. He had both my butt cheeks in his hands and was pumping away like a man possessed. I came within a few minutes, but he lasted a little longer.

He eventually said he was close and asked if I’d go down on him until he came. He sat me up on the sofa and got on the sofa on his knees facing me. He started to come and he grabbed his manhood around the base of his shaft with his right hand and held me by the hair so I’d have nowhere to run. He shot his load on my breasts and body and some even got on my face.

I never noticed Chris that night, and didn’t know that he had watched us until a few weeks ago when hubby told me about it while drunk and in a game of “Truth or Dare”, which by the way is my favorite party game. That game has gotten me in more “good” trouble than anything else ever has