Gym Encounters

by Editor on September 20th, 2020

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I racked my brain for a reason not to go exercise at the gym but couldn’t think of a good one so packed my bag and drove the short distance to the gym. I’d heard they had a new manager who was really hot with the most amazing eyes so I thought I’d check him out!

It was surprisingly quiet, I paid the receptionist and was just about to go and get changed when I saw him. Hell those eyes were amazing! He looked at me direct in the eye and we held each others gaze for what seemed eternity. It was obvious to both of us that there was an immediate electrical attraction that we just couldn’t ignore.

His eyes held my gaze and I struggled with the urge to fall at his knees, unleash his cock and taste him there and then. I could sense him undressing me with his mind and my imagination began to wander.

I walked towards him, and pushed him up against the wall, falling to my knees I quickly discarded the shorts he was wearing, leaving him naked and erect. I heard the gasps from the receptionist as she saw what was happening, I didn’t stop. Holding his cock in one hand I started to run my tongue up its entire length like a lollipop, searching for the sensitive parts with my tongue, his reaction told me when I had found them. I massaged his balls with my tongue, letting them fall one by one into my mouth, he tried to push my head forward, but I wouldn’t let him. One hand encasing his cock now, as my tongue continued to travel all over, this time when I got to the top I tilted my head and take him in my mouth, just the tip of his cock and held it between my lips as my tongue circled over, moving my head in a circular motion he moaned and grabbed my hair urging me deeper.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the receptionist watching, she had been joined by the janitor who was obviously having trouble containing himself. Still I sucked and licked his cock. Leaning forward still I took him deeper in my mouth, I could feel his cock twitch and pulsate, his thighs trembling. Moving my head up and down his cock, squeezing, licking and sucking, I could taste the pre cum on my tongue!

I could feel his balls tighten as he prepared to cum. Wanking him with one hand as my tongue flicked over him, his cock growing in my mouth, I could feel the cum rising and moved my head ever so slightly to one side to prepare myself. Suddenly his cock jumps uncontrollably in my mouth and deep long hot spurts of cum gush in my mouth, so much! and tasted so good, his thighs trembled and shook as he cum over and over again. I began to swallow straight away but still some cum oozed from my mouth and ran down my chin. Catching it with my fingers I drank all his cum leaving him clean and hard again!

He turned me around so I was now leaning up against the wall. Quickly and expertly he removed my shorts and t shirt, I stood before him naked, wet and barely able to contain my excitement!

Kneeling before me i raised one leg and draped it over his shoulder, my pussy is right in his face, wet and glistening invitingly. He ran his tongue over my it, barely parting my lips, I moaned and ran my hand through his hair. He began to press firmer with his tongue parting my lips now flicking over my clit taking it between his lips and pulling gently, delving his tongue in and out of my pussy. I thought I may faint as he licked and sucked me. I begin to climb to climax, pulling his face into my pussy arching my hips forward. I cum long and hard and he lapped at my juices as I writhed under his touch.

I lead him to his office, thinking that maybe we should continue in more privacy. We were still wet and naked, he was hard again and I was aching to feel his cock in my pussy. Leaning backwards against the desk I raised my legs for him and he stood between them, his cock pressing against my clit and moving around before entering me. When he did he entered very slowly, it felt so good and I resisted the urge to thrust my hips forward. When his cock was deep in my pussy he began to pump me, slowly at first in and out in and out, I began to lose control as his cock banged against my g spot sending ripples of pleasure soaring through me.

My legs circled his waist, he leant forward and took my nipple between his teeth and began to pump harder and faster. I found a steady rhythm and began to move with him, my pussy was contracting hard around his cock but he was in total control. I began to cum and urged him to cum with me. Deep electrifying shocks ran through me, I began to cum, my head swimming I grabbed at his buttocks daring him to stop, he started cumming too, he thrust himself deep into my pussy and with trembling thighs he cum with me, deep long hot spurts of cum lashing inside my pussy mixing with my cum.

Best work out I ever had!!

Lunchtime Voyeur Orgies – 3

by Editor on September 12th, 2020

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“I have a whole pantry full of bonbons at my place,” he said, leaning back in the booth, and spreading out his arms along the back to show off his chest muscles. “I’m Woody.” She couldn’t help but glance down below his waist again. “Nice to meet you Naomi.”

“Are you trying to get me into your pantry?” She was solidly in flirting-back mode now.

“I think we can find a more comfortable area,” Woody said, taking a bite of his pie. “So, when should I pick you up after work?”

“Three o’clock.” Did she really just blurt that out? Before she could reconsider or even think about whether she wanted to reconsider, Naomi turned and walked back to the kitchen. She had other customers to take care of. After she refilled coffee and brought the checks to her other tables, she turned back toward Woody’s booth. He was gone. Her face clouded by disappointment, she walked slowly over. When she looked at his dishes, though, her face lit up. There was a hundred dollar bill, with a note.

“3:00,” was all it said. She looked at her watch. It was 2:40. Holy crap. She wrapped up her work hastily. At first she was hurrying to get ready for Woody. Then she was hurrying just to have time to think straight. But then she realized that she was well-passed thinking straight or otherwise. And she was back to hurrying to get ready for Woody. Just like that, she was heading out the door at five to three. As she was unlocking her car door, a red Dodge Viper pulled up next to her.

“Hey, Naomi,” said Woody.

His smile was too much. Any hesitation she may have had at a rendezvous with this young stranger melted away in the electricity of that smile.

When she didn’t immediately respond, the young man added, “Ready for some bonbons?”

Naomi felt herself dampen at the sound of his voice and its unmistakable expression of desire for her.

In a flash, still with no response from her, Woody was out of his car, and leading her by the hand around to the passenger side, then opening the door. She sat down wordlessly, pulling her skirt down lower on her thighs as he jumped back into the driver’s seat, shut the door, and took off.

“You’re not a serial killer, are you?” she asked, wondering if maybe he really was. He was too perfect.

“Too late now, isn’t it,” he smiled. God, she was outright wet. She crossed her legs, her excitement building. They were at his place in no time. It was a very big house with a three car garage. He pulled up to the front entrance, and got out to open her door, helping her out. She held his hand. She was trembling, not with fear, but with building excitement. He stepped closer to her, pressing her gently against the car as he leaned down to kiss her. She closed her eyes and their lips came together, softly at first, then harder. Their tongues mingled. He pulled away.


“Hell yes,” she said, hoping it would calm her down some. She needed the edge taken off. They went into the house, and it was beautiful, nicely appointed with a lot of artwork. He took her hand, leading her up the winding staircase to the split-level loft that overlooked the great room. As he climbed, Naomi watched his ass through his tight jeans. God, she wanted to see him naked.

They reached a large, dimly-let bedroom with a king size canopy bed in the center of the room. Woody went to the bar in the corner and came back with a two glasses with a clear liquid over ice. She took a sip. It was perfect, Stoli Orange. She hummed with satisfaction. They both drank without taking the time to savor, and Naomi started to feel warm and comfortable already. Woody took the glass from her hand and put them both on the table. Moving closer, he kissed her again and she returned it with even greater intensity. Naomi’s hands caressed his back and moved down to his ass. Woody’s hands were rubbing the small of her back, one of her personal erogenous zones. They both moaned as their tongues entwined.

Naomi’s hands then moved to his chest, working their way down to his hard abs, and rested at the waistline of his jeans. With a twinkle in her eyes, she unbuttoned them. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. His chest was so muscular. She unzipped him. She could feel his bulge now. It was much bigger than it had appeared in the restaurant.

Pushing him back on the bed, she pulled his jeans down. He didn’t have underwear on, and his semi hard cock sprang out as she pulled his jeans all the way off. She knelt before him, taking the rod in her hand. It began to harden to its full length. It was thick, with an already-glistening head. She licked her lips. Choosy about men or not, she loved sucking cock, and it had been so long. She took the head into her mouth, her hands moving lower to caress his shaved balls.

Voyeur Holiday in Paris – P3

by Editor on September 1st, 2020

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Isis pulled him to them and kissed him passionately, she felt his cock stiffen and press against her, she held their hands and led them to the master-bedroom.

Isis glided the zipper down and let her dress fall to the floor, she stepped out of it and stood before the young couple naked except for her high-heels and stockings. Her brown skin glowed, long legs led to her hair-covered love pot, her big brown aureoles circled her huge breast and her long nipples pointed straight out invitingly. Lust filled her beautiful eyes and she commanded them to disrobe.

Bewitched, they both took their clothes off and stood before the sex goddess nude. She pulled them to her and fed the couple each a nipple to suck on. “That’s good, suck them, don’t be afraid, bite my nipples, yes, like that!”

“You are so sexy.” Burt moaned.

“These are the most beautiful tits I have ever seen.” Maria cooed.

“Now both of you, get on your knees and kiss my legs, thighs, pussy and ass, kiss and lick all over, don’t miss an inch!” The married couple complied and worshiped the sex goddess with their mouths and tongues.

Once again, Maria found herself eating her smoldering pussy as Burt kissed her ass. “Eat that cunt bitch, put your whole face in there, put your tongue up my ass hole, fuck me with your tongue, yes.” Isis hissed. She trembled and quivered to a rousing orgasm.

The exotic beauty pulled the couple to their feet and stuck two fingers in Maria’s cunt and stroked Burt’s stiff cock.”I want you in me now, I want you to fuck me.” as she shoved Burt on the bed, “Maria! I want you to stand there and play with yourself and watch me fuck your husband!”

Maria just stood there and watched as this dominating woman straddled her man’s 7″ cock and fucked furiously. They both groaned and yelled out in wild lust. The little wife was fucking her self with her fingers and hating herself for being aroused while watching another woman fuck her husband.

Isis moaned in orgasm and Burt followed by shooting a load up her hot cunt. She rolled off her lover and said.”Get up here and lick him clean.” Maria climbed on the bed and was once more on her knees as she licked Burt’s cock clean of his cum and Isis’s pussy juice.

Isis ordered, “Now crawl over to my cunt and lick it all up, Yes that’s it, don’t forget my ass, its dripping down there, get every drop, good girl; I know you enjoy the taste of my juice mixed with your husband’s cum.”

The sexy woman gathered her clothes and bid them goodnight saying.”Get plenty of sleep my little pets and we will have a busy day tomorrow,see you in the morning.”

Maria was crying, “What’s wrong?” Burt asked.

“What’s wrong!. how could you ask me that? We have become her sex slaves, how could we let this happen?”

“Now, now, it’s not that bad, she has a power over people that can’t be resisted, at least we did it together and I still love you, with her it is just fabulous sex; let’s enjoy it together and then go back to our farm and our life as a loving married couple.”

“She does have a presence that demands attention, I can’t be angry with you when I can’t resist her myself. I never dreamed that I would be doing that with anyone but you, let alone a woman!”

“Like I said, let’s just enjoy it together, she is truly amazing, as long as you still love me, nothing else matters.”

“I do, I love you with all my heart, but this is so strange.” They drifted off to sleep.

The young couple woke up and enjoyed their own bathroom as they dressed for the day, Maria wore a pink sundress and Burt had on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt.

They joined Isis at the kitchen table for coffee. The shower was running, “Who’s that,” Maria inquired.

“Kek, my husband.”

“Oh, does he know about last night?”

“Of course he does, we keep no secrets from each other, I hope that you don’t either.”

“No, you are the only person other than my husband that I have ever had sex with!”

“How about you, Burt?”

“NO, no secrets, I love my wife too much to ever cheat on her, I never want to hurt her. You are the only one I’ve been with since my marriage.”

“Good I admire that.” Isis said as she sipped her coffee.

Kek entered the room wearing only boxer shorts

and a tank-top. Maria blushed as she gazed at the outline of his huge cock. He caught her gaze and she quickly looked away.

Isis grabbed the young housewife by the wrist and placed her hand on the huge cock. “Oh my,” the startled blond gasped.

“Feel his big cock, make it grow, show him how much you like it and give Burt and I a show.” Isis got up from her chair and pulled her husband’s shorts down revealing a long thick uncircumcised semi-hard cock. Then Isis moved Maria’s chair out from the table, so that it was facing Kek.

The dominating woman was no longer holding her hand to the big cock but Maria did not move her hand away. She was squeezing it lovingly, the young housewife had never seen an uncircumcised cock before; she was a virgin when she married but she did play with a couple of cocks and even sucked one before she got married, but nothing like this monster!

She moved her small hand up and down the shaft as she cupped his ball-sack with her other hand. The big cock stiffened and grew to a fully erect 11 thick inches. Maria could not fit her hand around his cock, the wedding ring was obscenely on display as the young wife stroked this man’s fat cock. Her eyes never left the huge cock, she was fascinated with his big hunk of meat.

“Kek, rub it on her face, then I want you to suck his big cock, bitch! My hand is on your husband’s cock and you are turning us on,” ordered the authoritative siren.

He rubbed his cock all over her pretty face and then placed the bulbous prick head to her lips. Her sweet red lips kissed the brown invader with loving adoration. The big cock entered her mouth and you could see the indentations on her cheeks as the large tool probed her mouth. He was fucking her face hard and jamming his cock down her throat.

Maria took as much of the big fat cock in her sweet little mouth as she could, she was gasping and choking, saliva was dripping down her chin. Maria was moaning with pleasure.

Isis got up from her chair and grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled her from the big cock and pushed her head down on the table, bending her over saying, “Pull her panties down and fuck her. I want to see this little bitch get fucked royally.”

Kek stuffed his cock in her pussy and began fucking her from behind.