Voyeurs In Films

by admin on October 3rd, 2010

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Voyeurism is a common plot device in both serious (e.g. Rear Window, Klute and more recently Disturbia) and humorous (e.g. Porky’s, Animal House and more recently Semi-Pro, American Pie) films. The anime Colorful is devoted almost entirely to voyeurism. The movie Video Voyeur: The Susan Wilson Story is based on a true story about a woman who was secretly videotaped and consequently, helped get the law against voyeurism passed. Laura Mulvey talks about scopophilia – deriving pleasure from looking – in terms of feminist film theory in Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema Also, in the anime Baka to Test to Shkanj, Kōta Tsuchiya is subject to voyeurism, explaining why he is referred to as “Voyeur”. In That ’70s Show, Fez is known to always want to watch his friends make out, among other things.